Accelerating the digital transformation of manufacturers and their supply chains

SMLC is an industry-recognized, industry-led, non-profit consortium of organizations from industry, universities, research and innovation labs, and associations established to advance manufacturing science for the public good. Organizations do not need to hold a membership in the consortium as the activities are open to manufactures in general.
SMLC cultivates trusted and mutually beneficial collaborative activities with like-minded organizations of all sizes by sharing successes and challenges related to the adoption of smart manufacturing technologies and 4th Industrial Revolution digital technologies. We strive to establish and disseminate best practices and educational tools. 

Industry-driven Focus Areas


Advancing and aligning business-driven expectations for a fully digitally transformed manufacturing industry.


Focusing on integration of digitally transformative technologies to improve manufacturing operations and supply chain.

Ultra Responsive

Addressing prevalent pain points rapidly through trusted collaboration within and between organizations.

Drive Change

Sharing pathways to drive organizational change; provide collective manufacturer voice to influence the status quo in standards and vendor solutions.

What We Offer


  • Working groups: identify challenges, share best practices
  • Rapidly collaborate with trusted partners to create breakthrough pathways


  • Monthly on-line meetings: participant-driven topics; help-needed/help-offered board
  • Quarterly face-to-face meetings and an annual meeting


  • Representation to standards bodies for requirements
  • Group requests to vendors improving business models and practices, and product performance

Workforce Development

  • Development Tool Recommendation Board
  • Instruction through one of our program partners


  • Our “Guru” program has industry experts that will point you in the right direction
  • Industry 4.0 guidebooks available for download


  • Industry guidebooks and newsletters
  • Working group outcomes (white papers, roadmaps, etc.)

Become a Collaborator!

Help us advance manufacturing science for the benefit of all!