In ever increasing complexity,
don’t you need a little simple?


  • responds to current industry needs
  • provides a low friction collaborative environment
  • advances manufacturing science for the public good

Be free to collaborate with

  • Industry, academia, and research institutions.
  • No pre-set agenda.

(That’s because we are industry led and driven.)

Your Interests

Because we are industry-led to serve industry, there is no external top-down influence.

Open to All

We are open to all organizations with manufacturing interest.

Our trusted platform enables…

  • open discussion to find solutions to daily challenges at facilitated roundtable discussions,
  • exchange of best practices for advanced technology transformation and integration, and
  • special interest groups to develop roadmaps, benchmarking and education tools.

Roundtable Discussions

  • Our trusted roundtable discussions consist of smaller self-selected groups that desire to discuss challenges in a non-public environment.
  • Example Topics of Interest: Technical challenges and solutions, change management, and shared pain points
  • Closed-door, no recordings
  • Meeting minutes to participants as agreed

Strategic Interest Groups

  • Current topics brought forward for general discussion
  • Attend and contribute to monthly meetings
  • Share your best practices

Working Groups

  • Generated by industry demand, these working groups form to solve specific challenges
  • May be short or long-term

Whatever the problem be part of the solution