Trusted Roundtable Discussions

Our trusted roundtable discussions consist of smaller self-selected groups that desire to discuss challenges in a non-public environment. SMLC facilitates the platform for discussion, but the roundtable members decide whether they would like our facilitator to attend. The SMLC will publish limited information to include the roundtable topic and general information so that others may ask to join. All other public information to be published is determined by the roundtable.


“Industry Sharing Session on Discrete Event Simulation (DES) in the Digital Age”


The following areas will will be discussed in this roundtable. The group plans to define the questions that the participants need answered, then focus on the possible solutions. This is an “invitation-only” Trusted Roundtable with limited seats available. If you would like to be considered for participation, you must be a SMLC member and apply through the Managing Director.

Progressively Impactful DES

    1. Within a plant
      • Capacity Planning, Operational Improvements
    2. Across the Supply Chain
      • Demand Planning, Supply Planning
    3. Hot Starting Simulation
      • Integrated with ERP
      • Material Planning
      • Integrated with MES
      • Ware in Process

Software Tools to Accomplish DES 1, 2, 3

    • Traditional:
      • FlexSim
      • Witness
      • Rockwell ARENA
      • Siemens Process Simulate
    • Complex:
      • SAS Simulation Studio
      • Any Logic
      • Inter-operable with ERP, MES
      • ?