Smart Manufacturing

In ever increasing complexity, don’t you need a little simple?

The SMLC has a…

– low barrier to participate,

– low friction platform to quickly move in a direction, and

– a global collaborative environment.

Be free to collaborate.

No government oversight.

No international restrictions.

No top-down push.

(That’s because we are industry-led and driven.)

Your Interests

Because our platform is guided by industry, we address manufacturing interests without external top-down influence.

Open to All

Our platform is open to all organizations with manufacturing interest. Because many supply/value chains extend across borders, so do we.

Trusted Roundtable Discussions

  • Topics of Interest: Technical challenges and solutions, change management, and shared pain points
  • Closed-door, no recordings
  • Meeting minutes to participants as agreed
  • Past roundtable example: DES – Discrete Event Simulation – impact and available tools

Trusted Roundtables

Our trusted roundtable discussions consist of smaller self-selected groups that desire to discuss challenges in a non-public environment. SMLC facilitates the platform for discussion, but the roundtable members decide whether they would like our facilitator to attend. The SMLC will publish limited information to include the roundtable topic and general information so that others may ask to join. All other public information to be published is determined by the roundtable.

Strategic Interest Groups

Strategic Interest Groups (SIG) are monthly facilitated open forum meetings that any SMLC member can join, share, and learn from one another. Guest speakers may be invited depending on the SIG focus. There are no seating limits. Outcomes from these meetings may be published. The SMLC members are welcome to submit their ideas for a group and lead it, if they so desire.


SMLC is opening a call for three projects at launch for interested companies. The projects are partially funded by AMI and participants are required to bring their own funding or in-kind contribution. In-kind may include your expertise, equipment, time, intellectual property, or other contribution. Potential partners will be evaluated based on their ability to participate and will be required to sign a project agreement.

Whatever the problem be part of the solution